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Understanding Today's Energy Efficiency Furnaces

Much of the talk about furnaces these days is how energy efficient they are. Over 50% of the energy used in an average home is used for heating and cooling; and with the rising cost of energy, saving energy with a high efficiency furnace is saving you money each and every month in utility bills.

Furnaces efficiency is given an AFUE (stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating and it is how much heat a furnace produces versus the total energy consumed by the furnace during a year. New high efficiency furnaces with an 98 AFUE rating means, every dollar you spend heating your home 98 cents is turned into usable heat and 2 cents is lost. The higher the rating, the more efficient the furnace is and the more you save on your energy bills.

Older gas furnaces that utilize pilot lights have estimated AFUE ratings of 55 percent to 65 percent compared to an high efficiency Lennox 98.7 AFUE furnace, it becomes apparent how much you could be overpaying on your monthly energy bills. A new energy efficient Lennox Ultimate Comfort System eliminates costly ongoing repairs of your existing system while delivering efficiency ratings up to 98.7% AFUE on some units, meaning even greater energy savings for you each month! If you are in need of a new high efficiency furnace for your home, call Jent Mechanical. Our Home Comfort Designers will help you customize a new energy efficient furnace system to your budget and your family's comfort needs.

Furnace Services and Repair

When problems occur with your furnace, you need and expect quick service. Jent Mechanical's trained expert technicians will quickly diagnose, repair and service any brand and model of furnace equipment or central air system you may have in your home. We can repair electric, oil, boiler or gas furnaces with emergency service available. Not all furnace repairs are emergencies but if ignored could cost you more in monthly utility bills . Whatever type of furnace repair you may need, our job is to quickly repair your furnace. Call Jent Mechanical today!

Furnace System Maintenance

An efficiently running furnace system will save you money on your monthly energy bills. Our regular fall inspection and furnace maintenance services keep your furnace running efficiently, ensure the safe and reliable operation while extending the service life of your furnace system. Call us and schedule your furnace inspection today!

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WifI Thermostats

Have you ever left your home and forgot you the stove on? Probably not, but we have all heard the stories of some who did. Have you ever left you home and forgotten to turn the furnace down? Everyone has done that at least once.

The Icomfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat Comfort Control System from Lennox features a live weather forecast and can give you remote access monitoring and remote adjustment of the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world with any smartphone, tablet or other Web-enabled device.

You can use a Wi-Fi Thermostat to postpone heating or cooling your home because you need to work late. You can adjust your furnace or A/C unit from the comfort of your couch. Call Jent Mechanical, to have a professionally installed Wi-Fi thermostat today.

At Jent, we also install and service conventional thermostats and well as programmable thermostats.